Edición de fotos

Photo Editing Services include complex retouching area such as retouching of background, facial retouching, skin retouching and product enhancement. Photo enhancement that is required for blurred, dull and poor in quality by enhancing/changing/removing unwanted defect areas. For color cast removal, color saturation and white balancing which are major aspects. We offer this service mainly to Advertisers, Publishers, Photo studios, Jewellery and Modelling companies.

Cross Digital is a photo enhancement outsource company from India offering professional quality photo enhancement services.

Our team is well skilled and developed with. We use advanced photo enhancement techniques and technology in the market to provide the very best in photo enhancement services with on time delivery meeting tight deadlines.

  • Blending people into pictures.
  • Replacing, adding or deleting people from a photo.
  • Adding and removing background from the pictures.
  • Inserting people into the pictures.
  • Enhance Photo Resolution.
  • Enhance Picture Quality.
  • Emphasizing certain areas in the photo.

Outsource to Cross Digital with the help of our professional image editors we will help you achieve the very best and finest high quality photo enhancement output.